The migrants


Thousands of Bangladeshi migrates within and out of the country for the hope of possibilities but sometimes hopes are turned down by different forces. “In the flood of 1988, we lost our land, home and we are forced to migrate to another place, to seek refuge and for better ways of surviving” – says Milan Sarkar, 18 years old. Milan is among the group of 21 men and boys who have come from Tarash Upazilla to Sirajgong, to work for cannel embankment making project. They work here as a mud worker under in cannel embankment funded by Local NGO at Shohidabaad. “My sisters is my world” says, Milan. He lives with his sister in Jhangirghat village of Tarash. They lost their parents when he was 17 years old. Since then he takes the responsibilities of home. Income was not enough for family budget in village. So, he joined his friends and migrated towards town, hoping for a better pay. But when they actually started working, they were paid less than expected. So, they quit and went back to village.

“Contractor might have done something with the payments that’s why he is not paying us on time.” Says Humanyoun Forid, 37 years old. In 2007/08 financial year, the number of Bangladeshi migrant workers were estimated at 5.39 million.  Remittance has been helping in the rise of GDP as well. But in present context the migration to overseas is decreasing so there is chance of fall in remittances of Bangladesh.


Story by Phurpu Tsering Gurung