Rock Collectors of Jaflong


 “For the poor, life itself is a risk”- an answer I got when I asked one of the rock collector about the risk of working in the rock quarry. It’s quiet shocking to have such deep answer from an illiterate labor, but in fact it’s the truth they are facing every day.

Jaflong; a beautiful touristic destination situated to the northeast of Sylhet, 60 kilometers from Sylhet. It lies in the foot of Khasia – Jinta hills. The Piyain river; blood line of Jaflong flows through Jaflong. It has been main source of rocks for the rock quarries. The rock quarries of Jaflong have been a main source of income to the thousands of migrant workers from all over Bangladesh. Although the working condition in the quarry is very dangerous but the fear of challenges and dangers of working in the adverse condition of the quarry is nothing compared to the fear of hunger and poverty the workers and their family have to face if they don’t work. The basic needs like health, education and entertainment are a distant dream for them; survival is what they all are struggling for. Even the environment has been highly affected due to over exploitation of natural resources in these quarries.


Story by Sanjaya Hada