Rays of Hope


“Some ten years back, we were mostly living in that jungle and depend upon edible wild roots and bulbs to feed our hunger,” Krishna Bdr. Bankariya whispers pointing the Chure range near his home. The identity of the Bankariya is shifting from nomadic tribes to inhabited indigenous people. 77 Bankariyas are living in the Musedhap, Hadikhola-7, Makwanpur, who are cultivating farm-land provided by state and living in transient house waiting for permanent ones that is guaranteed to build each 14 families by the government of Nepal.

“Now we can have at least Dhindo with leaf vegetables as our main food,” Sita Bankariya (22) shares. They use all the traditional way of cultivation from that they produce insufficient for them. NGOs help to equipped all houses with bio-gas and solar system but due to lack of operating knowledge both systems are not working. Out of 14, five families have been Christian. Some senior citizens seem unhappy and worried about the shifting culture, tradition and the changing lifestyle. But youth are excited and most of them are either in capital or in other cities that make their life easy for the transition.


Story by Prakash KC