One cannot differentiate what caste one belongs to based on an appearance or name. Discrimination is truly a strict cognitive,conceptual idea created by society to capitalize on fragility be it amongst individuals or minorities. This photo-story,  consists of intimate closeup portraits of individuals within a Nepalese minority, along with pictures of  their livelihood.I have attempted to depict the identity of  individuals who are free from categorization based on their namesake, familiarizing us with solely their individuality.

Although officially the caste system was  abolished in the last century, at present, the Jugi community face a social stigma that is very much alive today.Jugis fall at the bottom of the Newar cast hierarchy and are also amongst the poorest. They are traditionally associated with the skills of tailoring, funeral rituals and music making. Amongst a chaotic melee of cultural traditions and fast paced development, the Jugis have embodied formidable strength to overcome the very prevalent gap,that is, discrimination in Nepalese society today. The ability of the Jugis to overcome this stigma and prejudice has definitively put into perspective the triumphs of a community  who have made great sacrifices for their identity.


Story by Rajan Shrestha