Manipuri dancers


Dance is very easy way for refreshment for busy life, we enjoy and forget about the pain and sorrow. I choose the Rass dance and dancer’s real life. This is performed by Manipuri people. Manipuri culture is originated from Manipur North eastern state of India. It is also found in different places of Bangladesh.

Shantona (30) is a Manipuri dancer. She lives in Manipuri Rajbari in Sylhet with her husband. She is very famous for Rass dance in Sylhet. She has a very busy daily life, but she loves to perform dance. She teaches dance as well. In this dance she performs as Krishna, and her students are as Radha and gopini.

Manipuri has rich culture and tradition. Dance and music play a major part of the Manipuri people. The most successful culture is Rasa dance, the beautiful creation of Manipuri culture. This dance is about Radha- Krishna’s love story. That is called “Rass”. There are 3 types of Rass dances: Basanta Rass, Maha Rass, Nirtya Rass. Krishna is the main actor of Rass dance. The “basanta Rass” dance is very different dance from other dance; in this dance Krishna dance with gopinis (girl friends of Krishna) and Radha (beloved), he flirts with them. In this dance Krishana, Radha and Gopini are celebrating fagu with different color. Basnata rass, they perform in Fagu Purnima (in February).


Story by Sandhya Shrestha