Life in emergency


I was always provoked to unleash the feelings within and tell the story about the facts and the facets of suffers in the hospital precisely. The emotions and facts of the scenes, witnessed each day, the wave of deprived conditions, the helplessness and a thin string of hope of people in the available scenario always left me broken and shattered emotionally. Whether in appreciation or with the feel of disgustion; I had no choice but to admit the impact of the factual situation that my profession pushed me to perceive every day inside the ward of Emergency. The meeting of different types of people, colors, and dynamism of crowd provided me with infinite possibilities for my exploration. The tensions and the sorrows in the patients, their relatives and the loved ones makes the sympathy wider for any spectator.

The impacts of my experiences, a body of the photo-story based on one of the oldest and largest hospitals of Nepal, Bir Hospital, where the kinds of patients from rural areas comes for the hope of better treatment and new life. My effort here has been to unfold their mental and psychological issues and make it stands out, the pain, the misery, the emotions, the feelings, the life and death situation of the life in emergency. Hence, my work is my personal interpretations based on my surreal thoughts, which provides cognitive knowledge.


Story by Sapana Shah