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Women brave the most painful times giving birth to children. One of the most precious things that women experience in their lives is giving birth to a child, however, may not always be in the best of the circumstances. Women don’t just brave the pain for the life that breathes heavily under the nine month visibly large belly but also compromise whatever little luxury they get during pregnancy.

Rina Mounda, 25, lives with her husband, mother-in-law, brother-in-law and five year old daughter in Jagadishpur Tea Estate 5 hours drive from Bangladhesh’s city of Sylhet. Her husband and mother-in-law work in the tea estate while she stays at home with her daughter doing household work. The most difficult decision she made was where to deliver her baby, while for many it’s more of an issue of which hospital they prefer or with which their doctor is affiliated, for her, because of hospital costs had to go for a natural home birth with the assistance of a midwife, however, this option was not safe for her. Albeit she gave birth to a baby boy with all the pain, Mounda faces the risk of death for her and her child.


Story by Sanjana Shrestha