Hima, now 10, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of one after her family sensed something was wrong with her. Her condition was termed “developmental delay” which meant she could not develop in the same way as other kids of her age.  She was admitted to many schools as a child but a special school was finally found for her when she was five. She was admitted to SEID Trust, an NGO/ school on September 2006.  The NGO works with children similar to Hima, and specifically targets marginalized sectors of society. After joining the school she was diagnosed with multiple disabilities as well as symptoms of autism.

The school also provides physiotherapy sessions and medication to the children. “After a little over five years here, her physical condition is almost normal now”, explains her brother, Johnny, who decided to work in the school a few years after Himas’s admission. That way he could be in contact with his sister and monitor her progress. This story is about Hima, her struggle and the strong bond the brother and sister have developed over time.


Story by Shikhar Bhattarai