Fighting autism


As the number of kids being diagnosed with Autism- a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder which is characterized by impaired social interaction and behavior is in the increasing ratio in the global arena, thousands of children are no exception in the case of Nepal as well. Research in United States shows that one in 110 children suffer from autism every year.  Study says that boys are four times more likely to have autism compared to girls. More kids are likely to be diagnosed with autism in the year 2012 worldwide than AIDS, diabetes and cancer.

Autism Care Nepal a not for profit organization that looks after autistic children estimates more than 60,000 to 70,000 people (including children and adult) in Nepal are living with severe autism spectrum. For parents of autistic children it is difficult to accept the fact that their child has the disorder and also face consequences in the society. A family in Trishuli, whose daughter who has major symptoms of autism spectrum, speaks about the plight of the parents who are finding it hard to accept that their child is suffering of an alien disorder of which they had never heard of or seen so far. “I still think that it’s nothing like that (autism), I hope she will speak like other child one day.” Binu Dangol’s mother Bimala said.


Story by Rajneesh Bhandari