Village doctor

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The villages of Koyra region under Khulna district in the southern part of Bangladesh look like any other rural area in the country. But as this region is surrounded by the Sundarbans forest & lots of rivers, people have a very different lifestyle here. Bangladesh is one of the health workforce crisis countries in the world. In the face of an acute shortage of trained professionals, ensuring healthcare for a population of 150 million remains a major challenge for the nation. For people living in the remote areas like Koyra, neighborhood medical facilities provided by local village doctors are very important.

Dr. Hiranmoy Sarkar (65), known to local people as ‘Hira Doctor’, is one of the admired village doctors at Koyra region. His family has been serving the people of ‘Mothbari’ & ‘Maheshwaripur’ villages with medical treatment facilities for three generations.  Dr. Hiranmoy is a devoted follower of Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism. Hira Doctor begins his day very early in the morning. After necessary preparation he sets out for his patients on foot with two bags full of medical supplies & equipments & an umbrella in his hand. In this pursuit he use to walk about 10 to 15 kilometers everyday. Unless in case of emergency, he usually returns home in the afternoon.

There is no hospital near to the region. Therefore people call on to the village doctors such as Hira Doctor in case of any type of health crisis. Among the several village doctors in the region, Dr. Hiranmoy is the most popular & trustworthy among both men & women due to his modesty & dedication to his service. His family consists of 5 members including his wife & 3 children. Besides medical practice, he is a great patron of religious activities.


Story by Shaikh Mohir Uddin