Spiritual journey in Mazar


It is a story about faith, believe, spirituality and Mystery related with the Mazar of Hazrat Sahjalal (Rd) who was a major sufi saint of Bangladesh and is the most celebrated personality of the  region of Sylhet. Shah Jalal’s name is associated with the Muslim conquest of Sylhet, although he passed away 800 years before but people still remember him in their critical times. Daily thousand of devotee comes to visit his shrine from different corners of the country. This place is so special for the devotee. There are some people who believe that their problem could be solved if they visit this place and ask from their heart.  There are many pigeons flying around the mazar and they stay in mazar. This pigeon are known as “Jalali pigeon” and no one disturbed them. There are also fishes in this mazar which consider holy to the devotee. This Mazar is a holy place for peoples of all religion, although it’s a Muslim culture peoples from other religion likes Hindu also come here daily. This Mazar influence the political, social and cultural situation of Sylhet. Every politician come here before election and also if they visit Sylhet for any reason. The devotee performs different activities to show their respect. There is a Mosque in the Mazar where people can pray too. In Thursday & Friday night some of the devotee sings Marfoti songs over the night. Overall it is a mysterious place with peoples full of faith & spirituality.


Story by Arifur Rahman