Nandi Gram

01_Nandigram_12-02-2012_IMG_3191ed.jpg02_Nandigram_IMG_7363ed.jpg03_Nandigram_IMG_5442.jpg05_Nandi Gram_Shangkha goal_Bulet Injury_15-02-2012_IMG_3937.jpg06_NAndigram_13-02-2012_IMG_3680.jpg07_ Nandigram_IMG_4352ed (1).jpg09_IMG_7720.jpg18_Nandigram_IMG_4021ed.jpg19_Nandigram_IMG_5420.jpg23_Nandigram_18-02-2012_IMG_5045.jpg

 “Nandi Gram: Land & Life’s Struggle’’ is the focus of my photo story.  Nandi gram is a village at West Bengal in India. This place has become very much important for West Bengal politics. In 2007 West Bengal governments plan was to expropriate 10,000 acres of land in Nandi gram for a special economic zone (SEZ) to be developed by the Indonesian-based Salim Group for the industrialization. Under the name of SEZ plan the Salim group would set up a chemical hub at Nandi gram. In 2007 Nandi grams people protested this process and police attacked on them and killed many villagers & activists. But at the end, the people of Nandi Gram saved their land. Still they are fighting and save guarding their land and life, carrying the memory of horror, the sign of bullet in their body, missing their family members at the same time. The women, raped and tortured always haunted with their pain. I have tried to portray the memory & strength of struggles through my photo essay.


Story by Taslima Akhter Lima