Khasi, an indigenous society, but social structure  is matriarchal. Basically they are originally  from India. In Bangladesh they are living like another tribe, but matriarchal family and their earning system is different from other tribes. In Bangladesh they are living in greater sylhet as Jafflong, Kulaura, Moulovibazar and Srimonjol. They had their own religion as Hindu, but after the liberation of Bangladesh some missionaries made them Christian. They have own language, but No alphabet at all. They live in cluster. In Jafflong there are six villages and approximately 2000 people living there. Once they were uneducated but now a days they are getting education. Their earning source is to cultivate battle nut and battle leaf. So only men have permission to go to the garden. But all earning money must be given to women as the mother is the pivot of their society. In wedding men come to womens house and live there. Women have no work at home except house hold work with children. Every Sunday is their prayer day. Their house is on the piller on 5 feet height. It is only in tribes where women are empowered.


Story by Fakrul Islam