Chaos in the city

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Let’s get introduced with a new term, which can be called “population pollution”. And it happens when the country or city suffers with its highest number of people by holding comparatively lowest number of volume. Dhaka, the mega city of Bangladesh, is now suffering with this problem. The volume of Dhaka is 1,528SqKm (close upon) but the population is almost 15million. River erosion, climate change and various natural calamities are diverting the village people towards Dhaka only to have a better livelihood and because of this Dhaka have become uninhabitable.

Lack of electricity-water supply-gas is making their lives miserable. Many of them are getting bereaved from their basic need called “food”. And this deprivation is pushing a large number of people towards illegal deeds such as bribery, robbery, murder etc.

When a small portion of this huge population meets the streets they have to face intolerable traffic. The city has become the ultimate slum city. Slum dogs can become millionaire only in the movies, but in real world the scenario is totally different. Apart from this, a huge number of garment factories are rising by centering all these slum dwellers. There are also some govt. quarters allocated for govt. service holders. And other lands are now in developer’s hand.

Among the five basic needs “treatment” is one which we can normally find in govt. hospitals such as Dhaka medical college hospital. But the hospital itself suffering from lack of medicines, operational instruments, ambulances, medicines, doctors and proper treatment facilities

Were talking about the present condition of our “lovely” city, Dhaka. Over population has made the mega city polluted. Still in search of better livelihood people are entering into the city. But this little wish of having the modern air in one’s lifestyle has become the ultimate curse for the city dwellers.

Story by K.M Asad