A tale of climate refugee

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People live in the coastal areas are always victim of river erosion, cyclone, flood etc. Several times they have to change their house & at last they come to the city as a refugee. Not only that but also they have no job at their village because of flood or river erosion & to make money they have to shift in the city. In Chittagong, Motijhorna, is a place which is top of the country every year in the rainy season for landslide, where they live in. Here, all the people are from island like Vhola, Noyakhai, Hatia, Shandip which are the worst victim of climate change. In Motijorna, they used to live here because of low cost of accommodation but here they live very near of hills, sometimes under the hills threaten their life. As Motijorna is in the heart of the city, it gives them better opportunity to communication & job. Many of them are working as a maid, hotel boy, rickshaw puller etc.

One of them Rekha, 35 years old garments worker said, “We have to die. Here we are dying for landslide but in our village we were dying for poverty or natural disaster. It is better to die in a second by landslide rather than suffering from poverty or natural digester.”


Story by Sanjoy Shubro