Fled from home. Trapped at home. Denied their home.

In a village west in Myanmar, a young man is fishing for dinner in a nearby lake. ”Mubin”, as I choose to call him, is 27 years old and is a Rohingya. Part of a Muslim ethnic minority the government refuses to acknowledge. In this village, outside the restricted area in Rakhine State, small changes have already found place. No men have been taken from the village to do forced labor for over two years. Most of the military groupings have moved further into the restricted area, reducing the pressure here.  ”Mubin” lives in the village with his wife and two children. He has no job and dreams of a better life somewhere else in Myanmar or abroad. For him, and others alike it is nearly impossible to leave. The bribe is so expensive he would have to sell everything he owns in order to get a permit. Still, there is no guarantee that they wouldn´t be imprisoned if stopped somewhere else in the country.


Story by Peter Mydske