In the country of Myanmar (previously Burma) the people have fought for over 50 years against a brutal military regime. The regime has broken human rights such as killing people, rapes, imprisoning without a sentence and the use of child soldiers. It has been almost impossible to speak up against this regime. But some have tried.

In the uprising of 1988 over 3000 people were killed. Many of them monks and students. Many where sent to prison such as the monks U Issariga and U Indaka. After being released they continued to fight for democracy. In a new uprising in 2007 they where arrested again. They spent five years in prison after being charged for organizing the demonstrations. 2012 is a new time for Myanmar. The government released the political prisoners and Aung San Suu Kyi won a seat at the Parliament. Maybe the fight for democracy finally has shown effect. Only time will show.


Story by Kyrre Lien