The Nepali church is one of the fastest growing in the world. 60 years ago there were no Christians in Nepal. Today there are more than 600.000. A lot of this has to do with a strong mission movement. But why do people become missionaries today? What makes them leave family and friends behind and move around the world to spread the word of God?

There have been Norwegian missionaries in Nepal since the country was opened to foreigners during the 1950s. At the mission hospital in Tansen there have been Norwegian missionaries almost continuously for 60 years. Doctor Øystein Berg works in the orthopaedic department. He is in Nepal with his wife Toini and their three kids Eline (16), Mathilde (13) and Isak (8). They had been thinking about travelling out for a while, and last year it finally happened. Back home in Norway Toini had asked God: ”Is this all?” She felt that something was missing and that they needed to do something together as a family. The answer was Nepal.


Story by Ina Inglingstad