In Mumbai there are 2.5 million people surviving on less than 20 rupies (0,4 USD) a day, but this city also houses some of the richest people in India. According to Bloomberg News some of the suburbs have the highest real estate prices in the world. Apartments where the square meter averages USD 11400, are often decorated with original artwork and luxurious designer furniture. When Mumbai’s wealthy are not at home, they can be spotted in nightclubs elevated above the city. Amongst the palm trees, neon lights and the successful beautiful people enjoying mojitos one might think that this is Miami or Beverly Hills. Maybe there is a sort of helplessness that’s being expressed with the partying and consumption of the wealthy. Or maybe they just want to know how it feels to rinse their coloured face in imported beer. As one honest man answers, during the Holi festival. – It feels great, man!


Story by Brian Cliff Olguin